October 22nd

8am: Justin & Christine Beishline

October 29th

8am: Lisa & Caitlin Gordner                            10:30am: Cindy Lyons, Elaine Black

November 5th

8am: Heather Thomas, Phyllis Smith                 10:30am: Michelle & Owen Reichner

November 12th

8am: Suzy Burns, Katie Kehoe                           10:30am: Joyce & Denny Hack

Welcome Center Refreshment  (M) Oct. 22nd Jamie Zeisloft, Matt DeLong; Oct. 29th Ginny Bower, Sue Burns; Nov. 5th Sue Myers, Mackenzie Farr; Nov. 12th Julie Diltz, Elaine Black

Restroom (M) with changing table is located in the lobby. (G) located in the social hall.

Ushers and Greeters needed! Please sign up on the clipboard (per week or month if desired) at the Welcome Center. (M)

Home Communion Ministry – Provides communion to the sick or shut-in members.  Contact Ruth Smith at 458-6457  or on her cell at 594-0649.

Volunteers are needed every Sunday to provide a 5-7 minute children’s message. Please sign  up on the clipboard (M) Thank you to those who have volunteered!

Weekly Prayer Gathering –  Let’s pray as we consider the many exciting ideas for the future.   Wednesdays at 7:30pm in the Greenwood Bldg. sanctuary.

Millville Health Center – Help is needed for the monthly service (3rd Sunday at 2pm) that our church conducts at the Millville Health Center.  Contact Janet Grecsek at or 437-2199.

Children’s Message (M)-8:00 Daybreak Service. Contact Christine Beishline (570) 458-4546 or

Jr. Church (M)– 10:30 Service. Contact Marie Reynolds (570)458-6375 or

Daybreak and 10:30 Service Nursery attendants. Contact Phyllis Smith at (570)458-5036 or srpmsmith@verizonlnet. Susan Laubach at (570)458-5098 or

Media operators substitutes. See Ryan Craig or Pastor Bob

Nursing Home worship volunteers– Every 3rd Sunday each month. Contact Janet Grecsek at (570)437-2199 or