Sunday School Classes

The Mill-Green United Methodist Church offers a variety of Sunday school classes. From nursery age to senior citizens we have a class to fit your needs. Child classes are done by age while adult classes are done by topic. allowing you to choose the study of your choice. We hope you’ll joi us as we study God’s Word and how to put it into action in our lives.


Teacher(s):Greg and Sue Laubach
Location: Next to Education wing restrooms.

The nursery warmly welcomes any child from birth to age three during the Sunday school hour. Greg and Susan Laubach have been blessed to serve in this ministry for  many years. Along with play time there is time for prayers, a brief Bible lesson and a simple hands on activty . We try to emphasize that Jesus is our friend and God loves us all. Music and snack time are included and we hope that I (Greg) get to hold your babies soon!

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Pre K – Kindergarten

Teachers: Michelle Reichner
Location: Education wing down the hall on left across from the Ladies restroom.
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Primary Class (1-3)

Teacher(s): Lisa Sinegra
Location: Next to PreK-K

The Primary class, which is grades 1st through 3rd.  meets from 9:15 to 10:15 and we learn the classic stories from the bible.  We meet in the classroom at the very end of the hall–it’s newly painted, bright yellow with bugs on the walls.

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Andrew Class (4-6)

Teacher(s):  Shirley Brito
Location: First right down hall across from Ladies restroom.

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Jr. High (7-9)

Teachers(s): Sue Kindt, Tara Holdren
Location: Down the stairs next to the church office.

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Sr. High (10-12)

Teacher(s): Ryan Craig, Greg Gordner


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College Age

Teachers: Leslie Berger and Joe Johnson
Location: Joe Johnson’s Home (49 Walnut Street)

The college age Sunday school class was formed for those who felt they had no where to go upon graduating high school.  Many felt intimidated in the adult classes and out of place in the Sr. High.  You DO NOT need to be in college to join us. Anyone of college age (between senior high and young adult) are welcome. We are a discussion based group

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reMARKable Journey

Teacher: Ben Clark
Location: Ben and Brynn Clarks Home (104 Walnut Street)


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Faith and Fellowship

Teacher(s): Lance Diehl, Greg Gordner, Tara Holdren, Kerri Peterman
Location: Nextto the Jr. High room in the basement

The Faith and Fellowship class is for anyone who would like to bounce his or her ideas regarding a Christ- centered faith and religion off of others in an open, nonjudgmental forum to help himself/herself grow as a Christian.  Our class is also for those who would just like to listen to others bounce their ideas off of members.  You can speak as much or as little as you want and we won’t make you pray out loud for the class. Nor will we time you to see how long it takes you to find a bible passage since most of us still use our table of contents and fumble around awhile. And as far as dress code, casual is the norm.  There is no need for dresses and sports coats. The Faith and Fellowship class consists of people of all backgrounds, education, marital status, and occupations.  Our class facilitates our quest for understanding with the use of books (such as Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell), video series (including Andy Stanley and Max Lucado), internet based topics, or any other materials that members find to be interesting.  Join us at 9:15 every Sunday morning at the Mill-Green UMC, Millville Building.  Absolutely no advanced notice or registration is necessary!  Anyone in our church family will be able to direct you to the right spot in the building.  Hope to see you soon

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Seeker’s and Thomas Class

Teacher(s): Shared
Location: Seekers Room across from the church office.

The Seeker and Thomas Classes have combined to form a class committed to studying and discussing Biblical principles that impact one’s everyday living. Often the discussion is generated based on a video featuring a well-known Bible teacher or pastor. Several class members share the facilitation of the discussions. Persons of all ages are invited to join the class which meets in the classroom located across from the pastor’s office.

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